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Project Detail

Shaver Shop is an Australian and New Zealand speciality retailer of male and female personal grooming products and aspires to be the market leader in ‘all things related to hair removal’.

We pride ourselves on having the best product knowledge of any retailer in the world.
At Shaver Shop, we believe we should offer the customer the best possible advice at the lowest price. We are fiercely competitive on our pricing policy and we take all possible steps to ensure our customers have the widest range of grooming solutions at rock bottom prices.


This is the home of the Shaver Shop website.
It is a E-commerce website selling the lots different products like : Electric Shavers , Bread Trimmer , Massage , Skin care , Hair Clipper etc.
The home page of this website is very attractive where you can see the different offers on different products , different top categories , popular brands etc.


This is the product page of the website.
In this page user can see the products available in this website.
User can also find the products by applying different filters in the website.
User can also sort the product by:
Low to high price
high to low price.


This is the Brand page of the website.
It will also all the brands available in this site.
When you click on any brand it will display all the product of that particular brand
It will more easy for the user to finds the products related to any brand.